October 22, 1929 – Hequenbourg to Hon. William Bray (Utica)


  • October 22, 1929 – Hequenbourg to Hon. M. William Bray (Utica)-

Dear Bill:

Mr. J. S. Apperson, of Schenectady, a man of considerable standing in the General Electric Company and a personal friend of mine, has just phoned me about the Lake George Park proposition. He has been a land owner at Lake George for a great many years and has some very good information which he thinks you would like to have. Mr. Apperson is not a politician and has no axe to grind as far as I can discover. He thinks that you would be very much interested in the information which he has and if you can spend two or three minutes to talk to him either I Utica or on your next trip to Albany I think it would be worth your while.

If you wish to write him directly, Building #2 – General Electric Company will reach him.

It was a great pleasure to have seen you when you made your debut in Schenectady and I hope that from time to time we may meet again. It is needless for me to say that I wish you every success in your work and if at anytime I can be of any assistance to you, please feel that it will be a pleasure for me to do it.

With kindest personal regards and best wishes, believe me,

Sincerely yours,

  1. L Hequembourg