October 21, 1929 – William T. Hudson (M.D.) to Harry Smith


  • October 21, 1929 – William T. Hudson, M.D. Auburn, NY to Harry Smith Sanitary Inspector Bolton Landing re: Hideaway on Lake George

Dear Mr. Smith:

This will reply to your favor of October 17th relative to the work under construction at Hideaway on Lake George, and the various inspections sponsored by the Lake George Association.

I am quite familiar with the working and the supervision of the two assistants employed by the Lake George Association as I have kept I close touch with these activities for the past two years.

Inasmuch as there was to be no extra sewage disposal or not danger of contamination of the water by the addition of our boathouse, I should not see any reason for communicating with you regarding same. In fact, I did not see you at all during my nine weeks at the Lake last summer.

I might say that at any time that we might have one of our family sleeping in the boathouse, there would be no reason to go into any sewage disposal as this would only be a matter of perhaps a night over a weekend when we had a crowded family It is possible that one maid will sleep in the boathouse from time to time until we enlarge our kitchen area so as to accommodate the two maids over the kitchen. This would not be necessary if it were not for dispositions of the servants but we find that two cannot amicably occupy the same roof.

There will be dressing rooms in the boathouse for the bathers as Mrs. Hudson finds that this makes a great deal of tracking into the cottage which she would like to avoid.

The boathouse is primarily for storage purposes and for conveniences connected with manipulating the boats.

I do not quite see why Dr. Langmuir should be so exercised regarding the sanitary arrangements at Hideaway other than to assume that we wish to conform with all measures for the protection of the drinking water of the lake. It has occurred to me many times that the outhouse on Dr. Langmuir’s property is altogether too close to the brook and I had intended to take this up with you when you were making your rounds this past summer. I am also in doubt as to what becomes of dishwater from Dr. Langmuir’s house.

Sanitary conditions in and about that cottage while it is being occupied are not to be compared with the sanitary conditions around Hideaway die to the fact that they are very close to the brook and during heavy rains, flows directly into the lake. I think it might be a good idea if you looked into this matter. You may not realize that there are many times large parties in their cottage. We have spoken about it at various intervals when we have been at the Lake.

Certainly no such care is used at that cottage now that there was during Miss Bell’s ownership.

I shall be at Lake George sometime within the next month and would be very glad to have chat with you regarding the pollution of Lake George water.

Of course, personally knowing how e intended using the boathouse, I could see no reason for communicating with you regarding same. We are extremely careful always about allowing our guests or our children to throw anything into Lake George as we dip the water off the end of the dock for drinking purposes.

Yours very truly,

Dr. W. T. Hudson