October 21, 1929 – D. W. McLenegan to JSA

  • October 21, 1929 – D. W. McLenegan (1686 Rugby Rd.) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I am surprised to hear that a statement has been made that camping is allowed on the Paradise Bay land at Lake George.

I have camped on the State owned islands nearby at various times and have never seen any camping on the mainland.

This spring I wanted to camp on the mainland and climb some of the mountains, but the keeper assured me that no camping was allowed anywhere on the property. I offered to pitch my tent on the extreme north section, some four or five miles north of Mr. Knapp’s camp, but the keeper declined to give me a permit.

I have been out of town, and am writing this note to you believing that you are interested in having information of this kind for such discussions as may arise in this connection.

Cordially yours,

  1. W. McLenegan