October 2, 1928 – JSA Notes to file


  • October 2, 1928 – JSA to Notes to file…

This is to acknowledge receipt of check from Mr. Alexander Kilgore Christie, for _____________, in consideration of which I hereby agree to deliver to him in ten days, deed, unencumbered, to property located on Huddle Bay, Lake George, County of Warren, State of New York; said land being recently owned by Mr. Hall Roosevelt, and formerly known as the Lake View property, consisting of two parcels, the southern boundary of which is referred to in deed as the Paroda property.

In addition to the foregoing, it is understood that I will also convey in this deed a strip of land, 100 feet wide, known as part of the Sexton property. The restrictions against commercial use of this strip as now appearing in the deed, will also apply to the other two parcels of land to be conveyed.

It is further understood that the deed to be conveyed will contain a clause prohibiting the erection or maintenance of more than three one-family camps or residences on the land, or two such camps in addition to the building now on the property, and necessary outbuildings.

It is further understood that the deed will convey the right to use the water now running to the property, and that similar privilege will be reserved to use the spring located on the property being conveyed.

The question of reservations against the erection of structures on the south-east corner of said property will be left open for mutual agreement, it n=being understood that reservations will apply equally to both sides of the line, should such an agreement be entered into.

  1. S. Apperson