October 2, 1925 – Jim Cawley to JSA


  • October 2, 1925 – Jim Cawley to JSA

My dear Apperson:

Thanks very much for getting Mr. Pettis to agree to give us Turtle Island. I have written to ask him to give me permission to use it on his official stationary so that these Doubting Thomases won’t have any kick.

As things are shaping up we shall undoubtedly put over our program (don’t quote me on to that effect) and Commodore Hatch and myself plan to leave here Friday morning next and shall stop off at Schenectady after lunch to get the keys.

Fifteen or twenty of the fellows want to sleep at the cabin so if it is agreeable to you I shall arrange to bunk them around upstairs. Have asked them all to bring blankets so I guess we can fix them all up. I shall not leave until Monday on the return trip and will see that everything is left as it was found and will be responsible for any loss or damage. By the way we will burn a lot of wood during the three days and we don’t want to burn your winter wood. Could I get some delivered from the Village?

Could I ask you to lend me a boat as I shall be chasing back and forth a lot selling these fellows the idea. Thought I could get a motor from Smith and hook it on one of your boats and be prepared to make all the necessary trips to the island. Have arranged to have Smith take the whole gang over on Sunday to inspect the island.

Hope that you can go up with us on Friday.

Cordially yours,

Jim Cawley