October 1954 – Flyer from Bouquet River Lodge Chapter (Adk. Mountain Club)

October 1954 – Bouquet River Lodge Chapter – Adirondack Mountain Club to Members




1) A usually reliable source…?

“Aug. 3, 1954, the New York Times: Westchester set to Clean House; White Plains, N.Y. Aug. 2: James G. Harding, Commissioner of Public Works said, “Recent surveys indicated a steady improvement in the quality of the Hudson….”

“August 7, 1954 – Letter to Mr. J. C. Harding: “I should appreciate it if you would refer me to the sources of information which indicated this improvement.”

“August 16, 1954: Reply from Mr. J. C. Harding: “I regret that there is little statistical information of the type you want. There have been quite a few isolated surveys made, but they have not been comprehensive in scope.”

2) Dome Island, Lake George

A campaign is now underway by the Nature Conservancy to raise an endowment for the purpose of maintaining Dome Island in its natural state. The owner of the island, Mr. J.S. Apperson, has generously agreed to give it to the Conservancy provided adequate funds are raised.

Dome Island, often called the centerpiece of the most famous lake in eastern America, is located about 1 ¼ miles southeast from Bolton Landing. It is a glacial kame over 200 feet long and contains a great variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers. The island has steep banks of sand and gravel which erode easily when the vegetation is removed. This fact plus the absence of a safe anchorage for boats and its exposed location make the island unsuitable for extensive occupation by campers. Although there are over 100 islands in Lake George, Dome Island is the only one of size remaining in its natural state.

The Nature Conservancy is a national organization devoted to the job of preserving areas in their natural state for scientific, educational and wilderness recreational use. The Dome Island project has been sponsored by the Eastern New York Chapter, which has headquarters in Troy. They believe preservation of the island will be useful for research and educational purposes as well as perpetuating its wild beauty for visual enjoyment by the public.

Here is an opportunity for positive action towards preservation of an important natural area. Contributions should be made payable to the Nature Conservancy-Dome Island Fund, and sent to Dr. Irving Langmuir, 1176 Stratford Rd., Schenectady 8, New York.