October 19, 1936 – Ruth Van De Water to JSA

  • October 19, 1936 – Ruth Van de Water to JSA –

Dear Appy:

I wonder if you could provide me with a better mailing list than I have now. In the case of the directors I have no street addresses for any of them (except Uncle Irving), merely the cities, and last week the letters I sent out the week before to Dr. Parker and Dr. Perin, both of Rochester, were returned by the post office. I would also like Mrs. Kirkbride’s Connecticut address, I have only one at St. Hubert’s. Of the letters sent out by Father, five were returned as he wrote to the organizations represented, at the address given, not to the individuals. I have since sent these out again, and they have not been returned a second time.

To date, I have had but two expressions of interest, or replies of any kind. One was from the Schenectady Wintersports Club, the other from O. M. Schermerhorn, Lake George.

To whom do you want these communications sent out, the Board of Directors and the entire list of people at the Albany meeting last year (42 on the list, of whom I have only adequate addresses for 30), or merely the Directors and the two who have registered interest? Mr. Hicks is on the list of the 42 for instance. Your latest communication seems a bit bald to send out as is, and I have not facts enough to pad it. You wrote me “Tell our group we are not attending Mr. Hicks’ meeting soon to be held in Albany and hope to have one with our new organization this fall.” I am writing the directors I have addresses for tonight, as best I can with this information, but it seems like a queer communication to send out to such a large group as those attending the Albany conference, without a little more sales talk or something to arouse their interest. Jack is up to his ears in work now and hasn’t the time for anything additional, and I haven’t enough to go on.        Jack asked me to tell you that on Sunday they climbed Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge, and saw where you took your erosion pictures. Monday they climbed Nipple Top.

I am enclosing a sheet or organizations, I would like better addresses for. I hope you have been enjoying this fine clear cold weather. We spent last weekend home working, but it must have been fine yesterday in the mountains.                                                      Sincerely,

Ruth Van de Water