October 17, 1929 – JSA to Harry Smith (Sanitary Inspector)

  • October 17, 1929 – JSA to Harry Smith (Sanitary Inspector)-

Dear Mr. Smith:

The wheels are moving, and I hope the house is also. Your letter to Ward was very good. Langmuir left in a hurry and gave me his copy and the Deputy Attorney General, whom I happen to know very well, and who handles such matters, agreed that the structure should not be there and informally promised to render a decision accordingly.

I am enclosing some more of your photographs with films and Langmuir also wrote a good letter to McPhillips. I made the situation known to Howard on Monday morning early, and also in a letter, copy of which I will forward to you later.

I was also informed on what appears to be the best of authority in Albany that no permit has been issued and that none would be issued for the erection of the structure.

I tried to get up last night but was unable to do so and may not be able to come tonight. Suggest you drop me a note on the progress being made.

Cordially yours,