October 15, 1929 – C. E. Bacon to JSA


  • October 15, 1929 – C.E. Bacon to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Thank you for your letter enclosing communication from Mr. Reynolds.

After talking with Mrs. Reynolds and also reading Mr. Reynolds’ letter, I still have the feeling that the land could not be bought except at a very high price, certainly in excess of fifty thousand dollars, and naturally I would not be in any way interested in adding to my holdings at Lake George on any such basis.

If it could be purchased at anywhere near the figure which you mentioned, I am sure that I could interest several of my friends in buying it; and if were for sale, would almost personally be willing to purchase it at a price not to exceed fifteen thousand dollars, which I understood you mentioned as being the figure which might be of interest.

I am returning herewith Mr. Reynolds’ letter.

Cordially yours,

  1. Everett Bacon