October 13, 1925 – JSA to Jay Cawley

  • October 13, 1925 – Jim Cawley to JSA

Dear Jay:

You know, of course, how much I personally appreciate the splendid hospitality which helped me put across my objective. Therefore, to merely say this is hardly expressive of our real thoughts, but I know you will understand, and I know also how happy it made you to be able to make a number of campers happy over a week-end.

Everyone with the exception possibly of Tyson had a thoroughly good time, and they are all very grateful to friend Apperson, and I want to personally thank you for doing what you did, when you did it, to back me up in my discussion and help prove that I knew what I was talking about.

I didn’t leave camp until after two o’clock, and before doing so made a thorough inspection of everything and put a new lock on the small cabin door, gave one key to Mr. Hill, and I am enclosing the other two. If you should find that anything has been damaged or anything is missing, I hope you will give me the privilege of replacing it

By the way, I chopped down two trees, trimmed them, and got them ready for our gang to carry down to the boat house, but with the exception of one which you will find alongside of the boat house we did not have enough men to carry the other two. I am awfully sorry that we couldn’t do this, but try as we might, we did not have enough men to even lift the dead weight, so we didn’t do the job that should have been done. However, I felt that you would probably have another gang there soon, and since they are ready to be carried down, you will probably get them over to the camp as soon as you want them.

I have other things to do for a few weeks, but then I am going to make my plans to go over with you thoroughly, and I am going to try not to ask you to do things, but rather ask you to suggest who will do them.

Before leaving, we had a talk with Miss Lindstedt, the Manager of the Sagamore. I think you ought to go over and meet her, because she is full of Lake George philosophy and is very anxious to put on a winter program at the Sagamore. I suggested that you could in a short talk outline a program of winter sports for the hotel there, that would bring a great many guests up there and make them very happy, and she was tickled to death at the suggestion. You probably know Dr. Becker, the owner of the Sagamore, and they are the right kind of people.

It will be probably be two or three weeks before I get to Schenectady, but will, of course, look you up and we can have anther talk.

Again thanking you, and hoping to see you soon, I am,

Very sincerely yours,

James S. Cawley