October 10, 1929 – JSA to Charles E. Congdon (Asst. Attorney General)

  • October 10, 1929 – JSA to Charles E. Congdon (Deputy Asst. Attorney General)

My dear Mr. Apperson:

Mr. John W. MacDonald, Clerk in the Court of Claims, wrote me on October 4th that the Court has made an award against the State for my claim No. 19003, and further states that:

“As soon as we receive Notice of Approval of Title from the Attorney General’s Office, judgment will be entered by this office. I would suggest that you communicate with Deputy Assistant Attorney-General Charles E. Congden, in charge of the Title Bureau of the Attorney-General’s office in regard to the matter.”

If you wish me to take any further action in this connection I would be glad to have you advise me.

Very truly yours,