November 5, 1919 – JSA to George O. Knapp


  • November 5, 1919 – JSA to George O. Knapp (NYC) –

Dear Mr. Knapp:

Your letter of October 25th was very encouraging, and I was particularly pleased to learn of your continued interest in Lake George.

The attached refers to observations some distance further north, but it may also be of interest to you. The appeal on page #16, proposition #1, encouraged the public to vote ten million dollars to save land by purchase for the State, and in my opinion the kind of land was clearly indicated. The trees shown in the frontispiece of the “Victory Mountain Park” pamphlet have been cut and therefore the promise made on page #22 cannot be fully met. I have been over the ground personally, and a large area has been lumbered and the rest of that section endangered by slash. We need the Victory Park movement and the cooperation of all those who appear interested, but naturally we want the land before it is devastated. I am assured verbally that further lumbering operations will be stopped immediately and work will be done to decrease the fire hazard. If this is accomplished there will still be enough trees to justify the creation of a Victory Mountain Park. The people back of this movement and members of the committee would not knowingly misrepresent the situation, I am sure, but someone with a questionable purpose or ill-advised could easily create a very unfortunate affair. Should you happen to know a member of the committee whom you think would act wisely in this connection after knowing the facts, I shall be glad to have you [rest of letter missing]