November 4, 1929 – JSA to Mr. Flynn

  • November 4, 1929 – JSA to Mr. Flynn –

Dear Mr. Flynn:

A large two-story structure is being built on land under water in front of a small lot owned by Mrs. Hudson, inside of the State park recently created by the State on the Tongue Mountain peninsula, Lake George. While the building is nearly completed, I understand a request is before your Board for permission to erect the building, and I wish to record my protest.

It does not seem fair to the people of the State to spend several hundred thousand dollars of their money to preserve the natural beauty of this neighborhood and then allow a private owner to interfere in such a manner. It would be just as reasonable to buy an expensive masterpiece in an art gallery and then allow the picture to be mutilated. I therefore urge the Land Board to refuse a permit for this structure or any similar structure on the State owned land under water, particularly where the State has undertaken to preserve the wild beauty of that neighborhood.

Prints from photographs are enclosed, and should you care for any further information from me on the subject I will be glad to send it to you, or come to Albany and appear before you or your Committee in person.

Very truly yours,