November 30, 1953 – Flyer from the Nature Conservancy re: Dome Island

  • November 30, 1953 – Flyer from the Nature Conservancy about Dome Island


An Association for the Conservation of Natural Areas


“The Centerpiece of the most famous lake scenery in eastern America,” – located about 1 ¼ miles southeast from Bolton Landing.

The island consists of glaciated boulders of varying sizes intermixed with sand, gravel, clay and top soil, and a great variety of trees, shrubs and flowers.

The surface erodes easily when the soil-holding vegetation is removed or disturbed by over-use. The shore banks are steep and difficult to maintain, especially against wave action near the water line.


New York State sold Dome Island to William Smith, October 11, 1855. After the island was sold and resold several times, it was finally sold by its owner, Mrs. Katherine McCaddon, to J. S. Apperson on September 1, 1939. Mr. Apperson’s sole purpose in acquiring the island was to protect it against artificial developments, reduce the fire hazard and increase the vegetative growth where damaged. A great deal of restoration and protective work has been done on the island since he became the owner. Many plans have been considered for the permanent protection of Dome Island but no consideration has previously been given by Mr. Apperson to the sale of the property. Any opportunity for its permanent protection will be lost forever if the land is sold and developed.

The necessity for the development of a sound plan to save Dome Island is urgent.


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