November 29, 1959 – Emmer B. Caldwell, John Newkirk & William M. White to JSA

November 29, 1959 – Emmor B. Caldwell, Alfred Hulstrunk, John B. Newkirk, and William M. White to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson,

As you know, we have enjoyed the privilege of using your Turtle Bay camp in all seasons for many years. We know that you are now concerned about making arrangements which will in effect preserve your Lake George holdings, including the Turtle Bay camp, in their present relatively undeveloped state.

At present we have no suggestion regarding your property near Bolton Landing. However, we are writing this letter for the purpose of offering to buy your Turtle Bay camp. The ownership may be by the undersigned as a group of individuals or, if it seems advisable, through incorporation. It is not our intention, although ownership may pass to us, to restrict your personal use of the camp in any way. This feature could be made a provision of the sale. Also, you may wish to write other provisions into the deed which would guarantee the future protection of the area.

We realize that ownership of real property is sometimes hazardous. However we have discussed the arrangement thoroughly and feel that we can settle upon an amicable and lasting arrangement.

We have arrived at the offer below on the basis of the price of property sold last year in Turtle Bay, namely, $25 per foot of shoreline. This, plus an estimated value of $2,000 for the buildings gives us a total price of $3,500 (assuming 60 feet of shore frontage) which we are prepared to offer you in cash.

We hope you agree that this is an appropriate action to take and that we shall hear from you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

  1. B. Caldwell
  2. Hulstrunk
  3. D. Newkirk
  4. M. White