November 27, 1941 – JSA to W. B. Bennett (Bell & Howell)

  • November 27, 1941 – JSA to Mr. W. B. Bennett, Manager Bell & Howell Company, Chicago, Ill. )

Dear Mr. Bennett:


Please accept my apologies for this delay in acknowledging your letter of the 6th. I have been hoping to see your new projector before writing, also determine the size of your picture projected by the three different lenses. The slide projector will in many instances be used to supplement my sixteen millimeter movie pictures and both will sometimes be operated by the speaker. The screen coverage of the two should, therefore, be approximately the same from a common point. My movie projector, a Bell and Howell Filmo Model “D” with 2” EF projecting movie lens, covers a screen about 40X54 at 22 feet distance. This is memory, not measurements.

We know from long experience that new developments involve new problems with unexpected results and probably your new projector is not exception. One report not too reliable is that you are experiencing moisture or fogging on one side of your slides. If true, I assume, of course, this will be fully corrected before the projectors are shipped to the trade. Both my Bell and Howard projector and 16 millimeter movie camera are very satisfactory and I do not have to be sold on the quality of your product but I am very much in need of a slide projector to supplement my movies and I hope you can give me some encouragement on an early date of shipment.

To simplify the paper feature of this transaction, I am enclosing my check for the amount shown in your October 23rd acknowledgment.

Very truly yours,

JSApperson – Engineering General Department