November 27, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier

  • November 27, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier –

My dear Mrs. Dreier:

I dined with Mr. Peabody here last night and he confirmed some encouraging news, about a new Conservation Commissioner. It is also encouraging to know that Mr. Peabody was very friendly to the effort to organize a small group as referred to in the attached. This note fro the President of the Lake George Association virtually accepts my claim that they are not able or inclined to preserve the wild beauty of Lake George.

Of course we have in mind more extensive work for this organization, including some educational work through individuals in other organizations who we may make contact with in an unobtrusive manner.

I want, of course, all the advice and friendly council I can get, particularly from people like yourself and Mr. Dreier.

Incorporating the organizations gives it a certain desirable standing and protects the individual members, and this is being considered. The purpose defined in the application for incorporation is at present… “to encourage the permanent preservation of the natural features of land and waters in the New York state Forest Preserve, and to promote better protection and use of these lands and waters.”

The law requires not less than three directors, and I have had in mind asking Mr. Dreier, Mr. Peabody and Dr. Langmuir, although there is some disadvantage in having Dr. Langmuir, in view of his close affiliation with the companies interested in hydro-electric. This is in appearance only, since he is most sympathetic with the purposes of the organization. Our problem is how to do effective work without bearing too heavily on the times and resources of any individual, and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that your or the Leach’s or other friends who might be interested, care to offer in this connection.

With best wishes to you and your family for a joyful Thanksgiving, and hoping to see both you and Mr. Dreier in the near future., I remain

Sincerely yours,