November 26, 1929 – Harry Smith to JSA

  • November 26, 1929 – Harry Smith (Sanitary Inspector) to JSA –

Dear friend Apperson:

Saw McPhillips today in G. Falls. He was the one who took the initiative; He states that the Land Board notified Friend Hudson that he had evidently erected a structure on land under-the-water owned by the State for which construction is was necessary to have the permission of the Board of Land Commissioners; that it is necessary to file an application, etc., before obtaining such a permit, etc. And upon this is based the coming hearing, which McPhillips says will not be held this week. I gave him the tip I obtained as to where the suggestions came from, which originated the structure—in other words that whereas a boathouse only was perhaps originally in Mr. Hudson’s mind, “the devil tempted him and he did bite, eat and swallowed the bait” and like the original sinners “fell” for it; Seaman getting all the money out of it, and Hudson and wife the opprobrium. Let us hope they’ll be cast out of the garden, metaphorically speaking. McPhillips seems to think he is going to get the building moved beyond a doubt. Let’s hope he does.

As ever, the Smith who is Sanitary Inspector.

H.E. Smith