November 25, 1929 – JSA to Jim Cawley


  • November 25, 1929 – JSA to Jim Cawley –

Dear Jim:

I know you are always very busy, so you need not apologize for any delays which may occur in our correspondence.

You certainly should not allow your avocation to run away with your vocation, as I have. Enclosed copy of letter to Mr. Woodbury and preamble of our proposed organization will reveal that we are on our way, and no doubt will experience some rough water. The name encourages people to inquire and the explanation is educational. It is thought that we will be stronger even for our work at Lake George, if we assist some of the same kind of work in other places. Of course we have limited time and energy, and it would be very necessary for us to direct our energies as far as possible to live wires connected with other organizations, as I did in 1915. It may be necessary to carry on our additional campaign without very much publicity.

All these things I will discuss with you when you come to Schenectady, if you have time. In view of the rough water, it seems very necessary to have a hand-picked crowd, and should you know of any eligible people who are interested, and will not jump off the train when it goes around curves, please make a note of their names and tell me about them when I next have the pleasure of seeing you.

Cordially yours,