November 25, 1914 – JSA to R. H. Dillon (St. Louis)


  • November 25, 1914 – JSA to R. H. Dillon (St. Louis) –

Dear Dillon,

The skate sailing crowd are now filling my house again each night and the sail you built still represents the beat class of workmanship and yet we have difficulty in finding anyone who can stay within a reasonable distance of the ice with a moderate wind. Of course we are not kicking or criticizing, because we have used it without permission and derived many good laughs from the performances; but it has occurred to me you might have lost your sentimental feelings for it by this time and would be willing to part with it for a sum of money, and I am writing to ask that you drop me a note regarding this and advise just how you feel concerning things in general, especially in reference to your welfare.

It would be fine if you could drop in at this time as we not only have good skiing but we are planning our first skate sailing trip tomorrow. With best regards, I remain

Sincerely yours…


118 Park Avenue