November 24, 1942 – JSA to Jim Apperson (his nephew)

  • November 24, 1942 – JSA to Jim Apperson (his nephew) –

Dear Jim,

I am taking the liberty of sending you Daddy Hull’s letter of the 22nd and I am also giving you the summation of a talk with John to the effect that unless you are going down for Christmas it would seem very desirable that you urge Daddy Hull and Mother to go on South before the rush of traffic becomes too tiring and before the weather becomes too disagreeable to Daddy Hull. This of course is in variance with the sentiment of all getting together on Christmas as we have done so many years, but since we cannot come together, it might actually be more like Christmas in Dunedin where there are more children and more time for rest and celebration than at home, except for Ellen’s boys and a neighbor or two.

I gather Martha will only be home for a day and Hokey a day or two, but both John and I agree that you will know best whether this is heresy and both also agree that you haven’t very much to do and should be able to write a letter advising the family what to do with a copy to us so we will know what you really have done.

John thinks you have several days of vacation coming to you and that you might care to come over here for Christmas.

Mr. Campbell who now lives with me, a VPI boy from Lynchburg, has just completed a skate sail and can no doubt pass you on the ice if he has sufficient wind. In any event, make up your mind and decide to come over and let us know enough in advance so that we can make some arrangements accordingly.

Sincerely yours,