November 22, 1929 – JSA to Peabody

  • November 22, 1929 – JSA to Peabody –

My dear Mr. Peabody:

Many thanks for your letter of the 20th. It is always helpful to get your point of view, and your personal support.

I sympathize deeply with the Governor in his difficult situation and so far as conservation goes there is certainly no hope as long as he has the present commissioner. It has seemed desirable for me to keep a high fence between my vocation and avocation, although the results merge very often and one affects the other.

The power problem is important but it is only one of several important features of conservation and I see no reason why all of them should not be promoted fearlessly, and with due regard to the Governor’s physical and political strength. The prominent Democrats who are being used by the land-owners to advise the Governor certainly never have supported the Governor and it is quite safe to believe that they never will. The Governor, therefore, has nothing to lose and all to gain by taking the paradise Bay land for the people. It would be an outstanding achievement, admired by people from all parts of the world, and deeply appreciated by many warm friends of Lake George, throughout the state and nation.

On the other hand the failure to act while the land values have been established in that neighborhood, and while funds are available, will no doubt be capitalized against the Governor by some of the very politicians who are now helping to discourage his action. It is distressing that there is no one who can make the situation entirely clear to the Governor.

Thanking you again for your friendly interest, I am

Sincerely yours,