November 22, 1929 – Jim Cawley to JSA


  • November 22, 1929 – Jim Cawley to JSA –

Dear John:

I am very much embarrassed that I have not replied to your two good letters before now but my being out of town and the pressure of a lot of things down here is making me neglect many more things than I should have neglected.

Moreover, I expected to be in Schenectady this week but I can’t possibly get there before next week of the week after.

I like the preamble for the organization but would suggest this. While men like Dr. Langmuir, you and I know what Horicon means there are many people who do not and since our definite purpose is the preservation of the scenic beauty of Lake George, why not call it the Lake George Preservation Association, that cannot be misunderstood and I think it will help. This is only my opinion, however, for what it might be worth.

As to a representative from the A.C.A., owing to an important sales meeting here in New York on Saturday I was unable to present this question at the annual executive meeting in Boston as I had panned to do but I know that the A.C.A. would be glad to have anyone who is interested enough and can take the time to represent them in the capacity you suggest. To simplify matters, and also because he was mentioned before why not consult with Jim Dodge if he is acceptable to you – simply continue to be the representative of the A.C.A. in this capacity.

I am sorry that the necessity of my business has delayed my getting up there but it can’t be helped, so please count upon me for whatever I can do just as soon as I get to Schenectady which will be ether about Friday of next week or early the week following.


Jim Cawley