November 20, 1942 – JSA to Nancy Dickenson

  • November 20, 1942 – JSA to Nancy Dickenson (his sister) –

Dear Nancy,

Your letter just received telling me about various members of the family was most interesting and as usual I was very pleased to get your annual invitation to spend another Christmas with your family. This year my chances of joining you are even less than they have been formerly since our gas ration is too little and we are constantly reminded by the radio and paper that no traveling other than that which is absolutely necessary should be done. Nevertheless, it is very pleasant to dream about the things you and your family did for ma on many previous trips and I am sure I would enjoy another visit if it were possible.

The last I heard Mr. Hollister was marooned here because of shortage of gasoline and crowded railroad conditions.

Of course “you all” are very fortunate to be where you do not require so much fuel to survive. Just now we are attempting to burn some coal in the grate recently obtained from Richmond for my fireplace. The effect will not be very noticeable in very cold weather.

John and his new wife are comfortably located in a small flat in a very nice part of the town and I think will be more comfortable than if they were at my place.

It is a great satisfaction to me to know that Nell will have the pleasure of being with you for Christmas and since you object to the girls growing up so fast, I suggest you end them both up for Christmas with me, including Sarah. Then I would have a real Christmas with packs, skis, and skate sails.

Love to all from Uncle John.