November 20, 1936 – James A. Foote to JSA


  • November 20, 1936 – James A. Foote (National Parks Assn.) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I have just had a long talk with Robert Marshall who returned to Washington from the field the other day. He advises me that while the National Parks Association can take no official part in the ski trail controversy, the Wilderness Society will. Marshall also expects to come to Albany for one or both of the hearings scheduled for December. He will represent the Wilderness Society of which he is director. He has asked me to write to you for the purpose of finding out why Hicks’ crowd should be holding another conference as well as to find out what your conference is going to be. In other words we are anxious to get full information of this situation and to have your reactions to the proposed conference that Hicks has scheduled.

Can it be that this professional group is going to attempt to get permission to cut more ski trails this winter than the one already cut into Marcy? Are they seriously going to drive home their point as to dog teams and ski shelters? Am I right in assuming that the conference that Hicks is holding will be in hearing room #1 in Albany? And will the Commissioner and other officials of the Conservation Department be present there on December 5? If such is the case, we want to know how we can get an invitation to attend this meeting that Hicks is proposing to hold. We feel that our comments and criticisms might best be set forth at that meeting rather than at yours, for we know where you stand on the matter.

I am getting interest stirred up both here and in New York among those people who favor strict adherence to Article 7, Section VII. They will all be after me for information on the situation and for that reason I am asking you to explain it as fully as possible to me. There is little doubt that either Marshall of myself will be present on December 5 or December 12. It will depend of course on hat you are able to tell me.

With kind personal regards,

Sincerely yours,

James A. Foote