November 2, 1931 – A. K. Christie to JSA

  • November 2, 1931 – A. K. Christie to JSA

Mr. J. S. Apperson

I saw Mr. Hill on Saturday. He reported having talked with Ward recently who told Hill he did not know anything about the road – when it will be started. Late on in the day I saw Ward and he told me the road is going to be built about as planned except a few minor changes down near Lake George Village, so minor that he does not see what they made any of them.

There are to be no changes in our section. Ward said he saw Brandt who asked him which side he wanted the road on and Ward told Brandt he did not care. Brandt said if he puts it on the west side he would take McCann’s house as well as the point. Ward told him if that was to be done, not to put the road on that side as he could not see why McCann’s home should be destroyed.

Ward wanted a price on our property. I told him we would talk it over. He said it would have to be settled in a week or else go to condemnation proceedings.

I asked Hayes, the grocer, what he knew about the road. He said he heard that they were letting the contract to start work in February. He said the most trouble was at Diamond Point, at the church and Woodbury is worrying about his hedge.

In talking to Mrs. Langmuir, she said she understood that McCann would like to move back further. Whether that was in the same house or into another she did not know.

Your camp looked O.K. Hill was trying to see Langmuir to get some painting to done at his camp.

  1. Christie