November 16, 1942 – Nancy Apperson Dickenson to JSA

  • November 16, 1942 – Nancy Apperson Dickenson to JSA –

Dear John,

Here it’s time to talk Christmas again, and we are all hoping we’re going to have you with us. It seems a long time since you were here. Haven’t had any definite news about Hull or Georgia getting here. But of course Nell will come over for her vacation. I’ve not seen her since she was here last spring. Have been helping to get over there ever since she came from Virginia, but I have many things in my hands, and I’ve not been well for several months, so have had to stay close by my doctor and my medicines. I’m feeling much better now and I think I will soon get straightened out. Dick’s down at Bay Pines (Veteran’s Hospital) for two seeks, mostly for dental work. Hope they’ll release him tomorrow. The Hospital is near St. Petersburg and I’ve spent most of my time trying to get back and forth every other day. I ride 3 busses, a street car, and a train – and I am all day going and coming! All family are well – children are growing up too fast! All join me in love, and hopes that you’ll be coming down for Xmas. Love, Nancy