November 16, 1931 – Mary H. Loines to JSA

  • November 16, 1931 – Mary H. Loines (Brooklyn) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson,

I will not enclose the only receipts of the Nixon property I can find, covering the years of 1929 – 1930. These are the County, Town, and Highway taxes for February 9, 1929, [&11.34], and January 27, 1930. Not necessary to send.

I have sent you this year on October 31st for the school tax $7.99, on the 19th a check for $22.88 and on the 30th one for $12.91, to make up the balance for the taxes and expenses thereof. I thrust this will be all that is necessary to straighten out the matter. Thank you very much for all the trouble this has given you. When I get receipts freeing the property of all indebtedness, I will have it registered at L.G.

We influenced as many people as we could to vote against the forest amendment and I think Warren County went against it, as well as Albany.

With kindest regards,

Sincerely yours, Mary H. Loines