November 16, 1931 – JSA to Mr. A. C. Ena (Brooklyn)

  • November 16, 1931 – JSA to Mr. A. C. Ena (Brooklyn)

My dear Mr. Ena:

While I was writing the enclosed check for my annual dues, one of my old skate sailing friends happened in and commented about the abnormal appearance of the sail in the right hand corner of your bill, and we both agree that it might lead to someone building a sail of that proportion, which in our opinion is very much out of balance. Being much too long for the height.

You will, of course, appreciate that this is only a comment of ours, and not a criticism, appreciating as we do that the cut is merely illustrative of the spirit, and not the details of design.

We both agree that it would be possible to find someone long armed enough, and with the enthusiasm that usually accompanies skate-sailing who might insist that a sale [sail] of these proportions could be handled successfully, but should you be changing your cuts sometime in the near future, you may wish to take this point mentioned under consideration.

Sincerely yours,