November 13, 1929 – JSA to Harry Smith

  • November 13, 1929 – JSA to Harry Smith –

Dear Mr. Smith:

Mr. Storrs Bishop lunched with me Monday, and agreed that the Hudson terminal at “hideaway” and all similar effort should be discouraged decisively in behalf of the Lake as a whole, and he has agreed to go with us to the hearing.

I have been unable to se Mr. [?Cense], but will try to do so.

Enclosed you will find a Plan View of the terminal, prepared with measurements made by the men whose names appear in the lower half corner, showing the filling, also some photographs of the structure. Since it seems advisable for me not to appear too aggressive, it might be best for you to only use your own photographs.

I would like to suggest that you call me up at my expense when you are advised about the date of the public hearing, since I may not be informed in time to attend.

Cordially yours,