November 11, 1929 – JSA to William Hill

  • November 11, 1929 – JSA to William Hill (Lake George)-

Dear Mr. Hill:

When you are chasing deer you are a hard man to catch, and our visit last night was so short and full of other things that I neglected to ask you about the things that I owe you for. I am in hopes that you will send me a bill of some kind very soon or let me know the nest time I am up what the amount is.

I am writing primarily to ask you to pull Miss Clarke’s barge out if you have an opportunity, unless you are going to use it in connection with some building for Dr. Langmuir.

I probably had better give up for the time, at least, the little canoe house I had in mind to build on my land in Turtle Bay. Incidentally not on the State land under water.

Before you are through hauling sand, I would like to have two or three loads put in the low ruts that usually accumulate water between my garage and Mr. Christie’s place, and also in the low spot about opposite the spring on his road. I should think two or three loads in each place would be ample.

Hoping that you will still have an opportunity to fire a salute at least to a good sized deer before the season is over, I remain

Cordially yours,