November 10, 1942 – Alvin Whitney to JSA

  • November 10, 1942 – Alvin Whitney to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Thank you for copy of the Supplement to “Lake George a Mill Pond.” Received October 30. Rereading it carefully. I cannot detect a flaw in the argument or the conclusions. Probably you will have to use it, notwithstanding the recent move of the Lake George Association to intervene in the State’s suit. I enclose a clipping from the Knickerbocker News of November 6, indicating they have received permission.

The action as described, seems to give undue prominence to compelling the defendant to “remove of dam.” Perhaps that will be clarified during the proceedings, but I presume the clarification will have to be by someone else. I would expect the Lake George Association to becloud the issue in any way possible.

About two weeks ago I noted a news item to the effect that the Becker estate had been bid in by the local authorities at a tax sale, for about $4,000, which I suppose means nothing.

I look back on the week I spent at Camp Chilhowee, October 10-18, with very keen pleasure. I shall never forget that glorious panorama of changing color on the mountain slopes and lake shores. It was good to be alone for awhile and roam about and loaf as the spirit moved. The two trips up the Narrows by motor boat were memorable, particularly the prospect from the cliff of the slope of Black Mountain. If I had a whole summer at Lake George I should try to do the impossible, – climb some peak or find some rare camping spot or prospect that you had never explored. But you seem to know them all.

The election appears to have let out some appointive officials, like the Conservation Commissioner, that will permit some new and improved policies. Let us hope the new men will be disinterested and farseeing.

With my best thanks for letting me use your camp and for all your other kindnesses.

Sincerely yours,

Alvin G. Whitney