Mid March, 1930 – Position Statement from the American Legion


  • Mid- March – 1930 – Position statement from the American Legion

Whereas, in 1923 the local and state branched of the Legion joined with a number of other state and national organizations in an effort to give permanent protection to the famous scenery in the central area of Lake George and make it more available to the public, and

Whereas, We are gratified to know that the western half of this area, comprising the Tongue Mountain peninsula, has since been given protection by state ownership,

Whereas, the more important eastern shore, including the Paradise Bay land, has not been acquired for various reasons, and

Whereas, a careful analysis of these reasons and a review of the situation as a whole plainly shows that some immediate action should be taken to insure the completion of this notable undertaking, while the land is still in its natural state,

Be it resolved, that we strongly urge our state organization to take aggressive action immediately through the present Legislature to complete the permanent protection of this spot and make it more available to the public.