May 30, 1929 – Roy Mount to JSA

  • May 30, 1929 – Roy Mount to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Re: The Armed Patrol. I am informed that if the patrol was acting as a special agent for the owner of the land that he was within his rights, if he had written authority to act as agent for the above; if he was acting in his capacity as special protector at large, he is without authority unless the lands are posted accordance with the law. Thus far we have not been able to secure a ruling that protects the sportsmen’s rights in the matter of state-stocked streams.

I would, however, like to know where this stream is, so that I might secure some additional information.

Attached find a copy of a report of the rehabilitation program for bass, lake trout and salmon fishing at Lake George. If you are ever in Glens Falls and have a spare moment, call on Mr. Wilson or Dr. Baker and they will, I can assure you, be interested in your aims and perhaps you can learn more of their intentions. As I secure additional data on Lake George, I will see that you are kept informed.

For conservation’

Roy Mount