May 29, 1919 – JSA to Jim Cawley

  • May 29, 1919 – JSA to James S. Cawley (NYC) –

Dear Mr. Cawley:

I was glad to hear from you again and also to learn the monument is assured. It is disappointing to know the Association will not hold its annual meeting at Lake George this year but it is very pleasant to feel that at least some of your members will enjoy the islands again this summer. It would be fine if you could come up and select the boulder after several promising ones have been located and I will make a special effort this week to find two or three and advise you. I will also see Dr. Sanford if he is on Long Island, but since he may not be there you should write me after hearing from him.

My program affecting Lake George is nearing completion but it lacks permanency in some important respects. A certain amount of enthusiastic effort in keeping with the outdoor spirit will always be required and the best assurance is to have the American Canoe Association come back to their original playground. There is a certain island, at present part of an estate, amply large with several well protected harbors, and located close to an unoccupied mountain; near the open lake for sailing and yet protected against rough weather, making canoeing always desirable. I have not had the opportunity of learning the conditions under which this island could be secured and do not know how difficult it would be to make this dream a reality but have great faith in any good purpose supported by enthusiastic effort. While it isn’t something to be talked about at present, I would like very much to receive your comments and if we can arrange it, talk the subject over at some very early date.

With best regards to you and your companions who visited Lake George last year, I remain

Very truly yours,