May 29, 1919 – John R. Sparrow to JSA


May 29, 1919 – John R. Sparrow (Sparrow, Harvey and Co., NYC) to JSA

My dear Mr. Apperson:

I received this morning your letter if May 27th, and am glad that you are taking an interest in my Lake George property. Indeed I had intended writing you early this season for I felt that through you and your many friends I would be able to dispose of the property. From a letter to Dr. Dewey, a copy of which I enclose, you will notice that I have quite some hopes of disposing of the property through his wide acquaintanceship, with the intention of making a substantial investment in the Lake Placid Club as a substitute for a permanent summer home, a perusal of this letter will give you the necessary facts as to details of my investment.

The property is for sale with Mr. H. W. Sisson of Lake George Village whom you know, and has never yet been offered for rent. I would much prefer to sell rather than rent as the property with its furnishings and equipment is much too nice to put in the hands of indiscriminate tenants, as you will appreciate when you have a chance to inspect it thoroughly.

I note your suggestion regarding letter to Commissioner Pratt and I will address a protest to him, and I also appreciate your kind inquiry as to my health. In this connection I may say that on Sunday morning last I awoke to find that in the night I had sustained what has proven to be a slight stroke of paralysis of my left side extending from the knee to the foot which lames me and may interfere with my plans for the summer. It has been taken promptly in hand, however, and I am happy to say that sensation and limited use is slowly returning.

I am hoping that through you or Dr. Dewey I may be able to dispose of my Lake George property to someone who will appreciate it and who I would be happy to locate there as neighbors to the very excellent people who surround me.

Let me hear from you soon, and always keep me in mind,

Yours very sincerely,

John R. Sparrow