May 25, 1942 – JSA to Mr. Robert W. Leavitt (Realtor)

  • May 25, 1942 – JSA to Mr. Robert W. Leavitt (Real Estate Agent, Lake George)

Dear Mr. Leavitt:

Responding to your verbal request, I made inquiries regarding the possibility of the Hall Boat Company located on the east side making some parts or units which might be helpful in filling war orders. I found we have set up a department in our company to take care of such matters and I would suggest, if you have not already done so, to write to our Mr. J. F. Eckel, General Electric Company, 1 River Road, Schenectady, N.Y. stating what machines you have available and the floor space and any thoughts that you and Mr. Hall might have that would assist Mr. Eckel’s department in determining the suitability of your plant for making parts we need possibly in the Fort Edward Plant.

Very truly yours,


Apparatus Design Engineering Department