May 25, 1926 – JSA to Franklin D. Roosevelt


  • May 25, 1926 – JSA to Franklin D. Roosevelt (NYC)

Dear Franklin:

It was a real pleasure to receive your letter from Warm Springs and learn again of your personal activities.

It is now apparent that both of your suggestions about Lake George should be followed. Mr. Knapp, Sr., would no doubt be more receptive to the Governor’s suggestions after favorable council with some friend, and the Governor would no doubt be more successful with Mr. Knapp is he becomes enthusiastic about acquiring the land.

Mr. George Foster Peabody is a friend of Mr. Knapp’s and a good friend of our park efforts and while he is at present convalescing, he should soon be able to act on this effectively.

If someone with vision and not in the every-day struggle could assure the governor that it would be wise to complete the purchase on the west shore and acquire the east shore promptly, the present stand-still would change to motion. Of course, you would be the best one to do this, but I do not want to impose a burden upon you. Possibly, you could without effort suggest the most suitable person to advice the Governor in a way that would assist him to see the larger aspects of our undertaking and the necessity of early action.

Hoping I will have the pleasure of a talk with you sometime in the near future, II remain with best wishes,

Sincerely yours,