May 20, 1929 Roy Mount (NYS Fish, Game & Forest) to JSA

May 20 1929 – Roy Mount, Auburn, NY (NY State Fish, Game and Forest League) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Did Mr. Paxton get the magazine to you? I’m sorry that I was late in fulfilling my promise but I was not able to get it until 5:30 that afternoon.

May I thank you for your interest and encouragement. When Dr. Embody is in your territory (if you do decide to have him) I hope I may have a chance to go over the ground with you. Three men in Schenectady stand out clearly in my mind for their honesty of purpose – Mr. Pierson, Mr. Eveleth and yourself – I hope that I, too, may have some part that will help you all achieve your desires.

Until I see you again, may I hope that I will hear from you with some job that I can do; if at any time I may be of service, won’t you give me the privilege?


Roy Mount (Auburn, NY)