May 1, 1929 – Roy Mouont (Field Rep) to Dr. George Embody

May 1, 1929 – Roy Mount ( Field Rep) to Dr. George Embody (Cornell) –

Dear Dr. Embody:

Would you be willing to do some field work on a private enterprise over a week-end in the immediate future in the vicinity of Albany on the terms quoted to me?

We would want you to ascertain for us the quality and quantity of this watershed with regard to the potential possibilities for a field rearing station.

The gentleman interested would be happy to have you bring Mrs. Embody and would wish that you arrive on Saturday Morning and spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday on the ground. He has boats and all the necessary transportation and probably would be pleased to secure any additional equipment that you might require.

Will you write me at Schenectady, c/o Hotel Foster, as to the date and the amount of money that you would require, Thanks for all your past courtesies.

For conservation,

Field Representative.

Roy Mount