March 9, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt

  • March 9, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt (Eleanor) –

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

You might be interested in reading my letter of the 6th to Mrs. Dreier. When the appointment of the Conservation Commissioner was finally made known, Mrs. Dreier called up and said they were greatly shocked, etc. She has been very active in arranging talks and dinners to stimulate new interest in conservation to support Franklin’s new program.

Similar efforts were being made here and of course, we were also distressed. The group here were not advocating any particular person for the position, but having exhausted their efforts and feelings trying to get results through MacDonald, were looking forward with enthusiasm to supporting a new Commissioner. It seems a pity to lose this non-partisan and unselfish interest in real conservation.

The present Whiteface Road problem is typical. The Conservation Department helped to develop the situation and now the Public Works Department find it necessary to labor hard to defeat it. Also the funds that could be used to acquire the much needed Paradise Bay land will be exhausted in all probability before Franklin is able to take active interest, and of course be also will be disappointed.

You will I hope, pardon me for adding this to your very busy life, but you may excuse me with the hope that it might possibly help to lesson the burden later.

With kind regards to you and your family, I remain

Sincerely yours,