March 6, 1930 – JSA to Mortureux (Ottowa)

March 6, 1930 – JSA to Mortureux –

My dear Mr. Mortureux:

Many thanks for your trouble in sending me the fur cap which arrived today. While you will not allow me to compensate you for your trouble, I am enclosing a few stamps which I hope you may find a use for.

Also please accept my appreciation for your willingness to make my niece and I members of your organization. I have filled out the enclosed blanks, and if there is anything further for me to do, I shall be happy to hear from you.

Cordially yours,


Letter enclosed in Package from Canada:

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I am trusting to the mail this day, your fur cap, retrieved from Camp Fortune. Hope it will reach you safely.

Am enclosing two application forms, for yourself & niece. As you have already sent the two dollars, you owe the club nothing.

Have mailed you four days ago a complete set of our circulars. There is no compulsion to read them.

]                                               Cordially yours,

  1. E. Mortureux

Ottawa Ski Club