March 6, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier

  • March 6, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier (Ethel) –

Dear Mrs. Dreier:

Shortly after your thoughtful message over the ‘phone, the Governor advised me that the appointment was “not for all time,” and expressed a desire to see me in a few weeks when the Legislature would be adjourned. I can imagine all kinds of things, but in the absence of any facts, I naturally have sympathy for the Governor in the struggle he is undoubtedly having with the hostile Legislature, and the large group who for reasons of their own, want to retain MacDonald.

It is most disheartening, but on reflection it is plain there is nothing to gain by doing nothing, and it seems to me the good work already started by yourself and Ted in bringing the problem forcibly to the minds of a number of people, is after all the only real hope we have of accomplishing the big purpose.

Therefore, if you are not too much discouraged, it would be my suggestion that we proceed to simplify the problem in every way we can and put it forcibly before the Governor at every opportunity.

I was complimenting Colonel Green on the ‘phone today, regarding the stand he has taken against the road up Whiteface, and he told me he had just finished writing a reply to the Troy Times in which he has offered to resign rather than to spend the tax-payers money to desecrate a mountain, when the tax-payers money is needed so badly in helping the farmers with their various road problems.

I feel very much at fault at not getting closer to Roosevelt and doing something to help him, but he has been so terribly busy and the crowd that want things they shouldn’t have, have been so active, it has seemed since the beginning a rather hopeless undertaking, but I am sure it is best to keep going, and I want to thank you for calling me up and giving the… (next paragraphs missing)

Sincerely yours.

Ethel Dreier