March 6, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA

  • March 6, 1929 – Hilda Loines (Brooklyn) to JSA:

Dear Appy:

I enclose a copy of a letter recently received from Mr. MacDonald. I wrote to him about Chester’s camp and you will notice what he says regarding and that has been appropriated.

I wonder if you have put in a claim for your portion of lot #11.

We were trying to compose a suitable letter to the Governor in regard to the Conservation Commissioner but Emma told me last night that MacDonald has been reappointed, so that I suppose it is no use. I was also told that Green had come out very strongly against the road up Whiteface which he considered very extravagant and useless. It is a pity that the stand was not taken against it before it was allowed to be voted on by the people. I do not think the Governor showed very good judgment in letting that amendment get through, but I suppose he was tied up with a lot of other things which he considered more important.

With kind regards:

Sincerely yours,

Hilda Loines