March 4, 1961 – JSA – New York Times Editorial

March 4, 1961 – New York Times Editorial , by JSA

To Save the Forest Preserve

To the Editor of the New York Times:

The mass recreation plan and the proposed commercial tree-cutting in our State Forest Preserve were first made clear to the pubic in your Feb. 23 editorial. Robert Moses, in his reply, published Feb. 27, confirms in full the basis for the apprehension expressed in your editorial.

Cultivating support well in advance of proposed changes in our laws without making clear, by oversight or otherwise, the objectionable features of such changes is not uncommon, but in this instance a mistake would affect vital values not recoverable. The vegetative cover protecting the sources of our water supply, the inspirational and health-building forest recreation and survival areas for wildlife are all at stake.

Significantly, numerous reports and many public statements fail to emphasize these important vital resources and less than 7 percent of the $75 million park bond issue is even considered for such areas. There are no public commitments easy to find that such important land areas and their protection will be a prime objective of the future of New York State.

  1. S. Apperson, President

Forest Preserve Association of New York State                                                                 Schenectady, N. Y.