March 4, 1926 – JSA to William K. Bixby

  • March 4, 1926 – JSA to William K. Bixby (St. Louis, Mo.) –

Dear Mr. Bixby:

You have probably noticed that Dome Island is advertised for sale in the March issue of Country Life of America. You will also be interested in knowing that we recently won our long fight to keep Lake George in the Forest Preserve Fund of a Park Appropriation Bill that passed.

If the Governor should urge the purchase of Dome Island, the Forest Preserve moneys would not be available for this purpose. May I suggest a letter from you to Governor Smith congratulating him on the passage of the Park Appropriation Bill through a hostile legislature and expressing the hope that the fine work begun under his administration would be continued to completion, laying emphasis on the great importance of buying Dome Island and Amphitheatre Bay. You will recall that Amphitheatre Bay is opposite Halfway Island on Tongue Mountain and is owned by the Coolidge heirs in Glens Falls. Their real estate man is now advertising small lots in Amphitheatre Bay and no doubt the increased demand for land on Lake George will make these lots saleable in the very near future.

We have enjoyed an unusual winter at the Lake and several times I was preparing to wire you about the good ice, only to find a threatening change in the weather.

Hoping you and your family are enjoying good health and will return to the Lake early this season, I remain, JSApperson