March 31, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA

  • March 31, 1931 – Ellwood Rabenold (Committee on Forest Policy) to JSA

My dear Apperson,

The die seems to be cast.

According to this morning’s New York Times there were five adverse votes in the Assembly last night, two coming from your own Assemblyman and three Democratic votes from Long Island.

We had another meeting of the Legislation Committee at the City Club last evening and after adjournment Ordway. Jr. asked me again what I had done about the Hewitt amendment. I told him and he then urged that we get together upon the change proposed by him, namely eliminating the exclusion of the Adirondack and Catskill Parks from the benefits of the reforestation program. I said I was only too ready to do that but added that I thought it was too late because the amendment was scheduled to go through that evening.

The question now arises, – what next? Would you care to make up a list of the people whom we might invite to a conference to be called forthwith for devising ways and means?

Very sincerely,

Ellwood Rabenold