March 31, 1926 – George Graves to Jim Cawley

  • March 31, 1926 – George B. Graves (Secretary to the Governor) to Jim Cawley

Dear Commodore Cawley:

Your letter to the Governor was duly received, and I should say that the matter of purchasing Dome Island was presented to the Council of Parks at a meeting held a few days ago, ay which time it was decided that an offer should be made. Of course, there is no way of telling whether the offer will be accepted, or whether the State will be able to meet the price asked.

The Governor is gratified to know that you commend the work which is being carried on by the Conservation Commission and the Park Council.

Sincerely yours,

George B. Graves

[note at bottom – Dear Jay (Apperson): Well here is the applesauce in reply to my letter. Please notice the salutation. Jim Cawley]