March 30, 1930 – John Van der Water to JSA

March 30, 1930 – John Van der Water (Hastings on Hudson) to JSA

Dear Appie:

Here is a letter that has been received from the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston concerning a proposition to absorb, for military purposes, a very beautiful section in the vicinity of West Point which is now a privately owned reservation and open to the public. You will also note that the Club will be willing to take some action concerning the Tongue Mountain proposition of extending docks into the water but would like a little further information as to whom to communicate with and an outline of the problems. I would suggest that you communicate directly with Marjorie Hurd (4 Mercer Circle, Cambridge, Mass.) and I would appreciate receiving a copy of your letter. You might also get in touch with her at this time concerning the Paradise Bay state park.

I have been working on our local Post of the American Legion, but have not yet been able to get to Bennett, but I believe I will be able to do so in the near future, concerning the Paradise Bay park scheme.

Ruth and I send you best wishes and good luck in your park activities. I suppose that you have had an earful of Uncle Irving’s skiing experiences in Switzerland. This letter may reach you too late as I presume that you have already booked passage for Switzerland or are at least planning a trip for next year.