March 3, 1929 – Mary Loines to JSA

  • March 3, 1929 – Mary Loines (Brooklyn) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I am enclosing check for County tax. I do not need the enclosed voucher as I have the bill – the receipt, I mean. For the school tax. Will you ask Mr. Nixdorff to kindly write to Walter M. Dagles, Tax Collector, to say he is taxed on 7 acres, whereas the property was 4 ½ before the new road which has reduced the amount of acreage. He had better write also to Mr. Gates, Tax Assessor, Diamond Point, and make the same statement. You know there was an allowance made for the land the State took for the road.

I am going to Florida on the 11th so shall not be able to come up for winter sports. Can you suggest any one to take the place of Alexander MacDonald as Conservation Commissioner? I want to write the Governor. With best wishes for a happy New Year.

Cordially yours,

Mary H. Loines